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Shooting Costume Rental


Rental of costumes for shooting

◉  Costumes for CM and advertisements          

Nowadays, with the upgrading of imaging technology, the texture of clothes is vividly projected, so we have a wide variety of high quality materials.

◉  Costumes for TV and movie shooting

We have a wide range of samples with attention to detail and color.         

◉  Costumes for speech at events and stages

Costumes that bring out the personality of actresses, celebrities, and anchors

◉  Costumes for catalog photography

Silk or high gauge knits and so on, enhance the catalog items.

<For those who are looking for costumes for photography>


There are many companies specializing in leasing in Japan, but our company is characterized not by quantity, but by “the wide range of products made with the finest materials and highest quality”.

We have many cashmere, shiny high gauge knitwear, silk blouses and so on, which can be seen with their fine quality on high resolution TVs and other devices.


*Please make an appointment at our press room to select samples you need.

=basic system=

Leasing period ; Basically 3 nights and 4 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)


Leasing fees ; 20% of the retail price (depending on the products)

(For the first time, please bring your ID with photo, when you come to our press room, and please pay the leasing fee in advance.)

*Payment can be made in cash, or by credit card (minimum 10,000 yen).

Extension charge ;

Up to the 5th day, plus 10% of the leasing fee

For the 6th day onwards, plus 5% of the lease fee

Early return ;

50% discount on the leasing fee for same-day return

20% discount on the leasing fee for next day return

Cancellation fee ;

30% of the leasing fee if notified at least one day in advance

50% of the leasing fee if notified on the day of the leasing

50% of the leasing fee if notified on the day of the leasing

If any stains or odors are found when the item is returned, we will clean it, and charge you for the cleaning fee.

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